Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snapshot Of My Life

Yesterday was the sandiest day I've spent in the two years I have lived in this country. Unfortunately, it was also the day we packed all of our equipment in the Connex and we had to be outside ALL DAY LONG. I can't pretend I had it the worst, however. I had to be in the office periodically to work on Media Embeds and an upcoming Media Lunch in the Green Zone. The majority of the 302nd, on the other hand, had sand in every.single.crevice.

We're all coughing and wheezing today. Go figure. It was insane. And ORANGE!!


Molly said...

Heard about your sandstorm on the news. And it's not over for a few more days by the sound of it. I think I'll stop moaning when the weather here is less than perfect!

ancient one said...

No comparison I know, but I remember being on the beach with the sand blowing and it hurt!!

Coat on head seems like a good idea to me.

Thanks for keeping us up dated.

Did you happen to see the pictures of cousin Danielle's wedding? Your folks looked great!!

Stay safe!! Love ya!!

Renie Burghardt said...

The orange looks eeie! I hope you all feel better! Thank you for the update. Be safe and God bless!


Cuz Nellie said...

It's great to read that you are packing up.
Means you will be home to your husband and your dogether

Love YOu!
Cuz Nellie

Maggie Says... said...

I remember when my husband was there at Camp Victory during one of the sandstorms. His photo looked just like yours...LOL! He was there as an Army Historian a couple of years ago. Take care and come home safe! Thank you for putting a bright light on the soldiers there. They are wonderful and we support you all!